• RXVET TK-1: An Innovative and Safe ECT Device that Delivers Complete Response and Low Reoccurrence Rates in 3 Simple Steps

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DESCRIPTION: Delivers short and intense electric pulses that make the cancer cell membrane temporarily permeable. Allows traditional chemotherapy drugs to permeate the cell and directly attack the tumor. Portable with a small storage footprint. Any licensed DVM can administer the treatment, and trained DVM Assistants can administer the treatment under the supervision of a DVM.

  • Each unit is comprised of a square wave electro pulsator, electrode holder, and double pedal
  • Integrated software to control electrical pulses
  • Hand held electrodes are re-usable and autoclavable
  • Electrodes are removable and come in L-form
  • Controlled delivery of electrical pulses handled by a double foot switch

Additional features include a USB port which allows for the characteristics of electrical pulses to be updated, a power connector that provides a ON/OFF switch, color-coded light system to show unit is powered on, pulses are being delivered correctly or not, when electrical impulses are not properly released, and alarms when the electric impulses were not properly issued.

RXVET TK-1 Accessories:

Make Sure Your RXVET TK-1 Has What it Needs to Run Efficiently and Safely

electrodes cable
L-Shaped Electrodes

L-shaped electrodes come with a 3m cable that is light weight and flexible. These electrodes are specially designed and manufactured for the treatment of all sizes of skin tumors and can be sterilized in an autoclave repeatedly without any effect on performance.

cable product
Needle Electrodes

Needle electrodes are specially designed and manufactured for the treatment of subcutaneous tumors. Each electrode probe is designed for a space of eight millimeters between the two rows of four needles and each needle is spaced two millimeters apart. These electrodes can be sterilized in an autoclave repeatedly without damage and comes with a three-meter-long cable that is light and easy to manipulate.

double-foot-switch product
Double Foot Switch

Our double foot switch is used to charge the capacitors (left pedal) and trigger delivery of electrical pulses (right pedal).

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